AUSPEX Global Services Limited is a one stop shop for all your civil construction projects. Our construction services include piling, housing and road works.

We have experienced and certified construction professionals to turn your dreams to reality. Our equipment are well maintained which eradicates delay in our projects.

We also have network of equipment and services providers / foreign technical support companies to enable us produce world class results. Our major construction services are detailed below:
Our piling capability includes but not limited to:
Displacement piling Techniques
Precast concrete driven piles
Thick wall driven steel tubes
Thin wall bottom driven piles
Timber piles
Screw piles
Helical displacement piles
Vibro concrete columns (drive cast insitu)
Replacement Piling Techniques
Open hole auger piles
Continuous flight auger (CFA)
Large diameter rotary piles
Odex piles
Tripod piles
Housing Projects

AUSPEX housing construction capability involves the construction of simple/complex buildings and infrastructure. We have expertise to produce Architectural/Engineering Designs and obtain necessary approvals to guarantee smooth construction and client satisfaction

Road Works
We construct new roads and expand/rehabilitate existing ones. Our capability in road construction includes but not limited to the following:

Asphaltic and surface dressed roads,
Airport runways
Concrete and Structural Steel bridges

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